Reflective House number specification.

What materials are reflective house numbers made from?

  • Solid decorative 5 mm thick Plaque especially designed for outdoor use. Pre-drilled holes with easy fit Screws & Wall Plugs Included for easy fitting.
  • Digits are made from Avery Grade II Highly reflective material. Avery Grade II reflective material is used by quality Sign-makers and is designed for outdoor signage.
  • This ensures the reflective numbers are totally weather proof and long lasting. 

How does reflective material work?

Reflective materials work at night by reflecting light back to the source such as car headlights, emergency vehicle side lights and torch light.

(During Day time the reflective material make a very visible house number anyway).

Light  is also reflected by other white or pale objects such as a newspaper , white carrier bag and ordinary white plastic used to make some plaques, but these scatter light in all directions meaning all you  see is a bright glow not a number. 

Whereas  the special  reflective materials we use in our house numbers show a clear number. They are called ‘retro-reflective’ because they are designed to reflect most of the light back to its source instead of scattering it.  Meaning the light from a drivers’ headlights , torch or search light will go straight back to the driver who will see the reflective house number not just a bright blob.

Reflective numbers really do help  to locate your home a lot quicker at night – which in the case of an emergency could save your life. Or at the very least save other callers including  your amazon man a lot of wasted time trying to find you.


Sizes of reflective house number plaques

  1. Single digits plaque size is 17cm X 11cm
  2. Two digits plaque size is 17cm X 11cm
  3. Three digits plaque size is 17cm X 11cm 
  4. Four digits plaque size is 23cm X 11cm

The best place to fit the  reflective house number plaque.

  • Position 1

Fit your reflective house number on or next to your front door where it can clearly be seen from the road. 

  • Position 2      (Requires 2 House Number plaques)

If you have a gateposts or a mailbox roadside. Place one number facing up the road and a second number facing down the road. (One on each side of the gate post or mail box).
As night falls vehicle headlights will illuminate the numbers. The process works by the number reflecting light back to the source,

Buy a  reflective house number plaque here.

  1. Simply select the amount of digits from the drop down list.
  2. Enter your house number + letter A, B or C 
  3. Click Buy Now. If you want more than one plaque, change the amount at this stage.
Number of Digits
House number reqd


All plaques are pre-drilled complete with screws and raw-plugs for easy fitting