My aim was to produce an affordable and effective reflective house number..... reasonable cost to produce, value for money to buy, easy to fit and........ above all else very effective............... Success!

Reflective House Numbers was founded in 1997 and since its inception has received coverage in multiple press outlets, promoting the product. The business has also been recognised as a good idea by the emergency services. You can find out more about the product's success on this page. 





I have since introduced a Glow in the dark number and you can go to this page to view and purchase.

Click on the pic for the full article
Click on the pic for the full article

999 Where Are You?


When I started selling reflective house numbers the N.H.S. were running a national campaign called 999 Where are you? 

The campaign increased awareness of the importance of a clear house number that was easily visible at night. The N.H.S. state that if everyone had a clear house number it would improve response times and would help save more lives.




I presented my idea to the NHS and they wrote me a letter saying that "A Reflective House Number is a good idea, especially if it can be fixed to a wall or gate post next to the road."

You can buy a reflective number here.

Single digit reflective plaque price £12.00
Single digit price £12.00
Two digit reflective plaque price £15.00
Two digit price £15.00
Three digit reflective plaque price £18.00
Three digit price £18.00

  1. Simply select the amount of digits from the drop down list.
  2. Enter your house number + letter A, B or C 
  3. Click Buy Now. If you want more than one plaque, change the amount at this stage.

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All plaques are pre-drilled complete with screws and raw-plugs for easy fitting

any problems with ordering please email me.

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