Reflective and glow in the dark House numbers

Reflective and glow house numbers, made in  UK.  very effective, highly visible  and recommended by the emergency services.


Examples of low-cost Reflective  house numbers  made from Avery Grade II Highly reflective material on a weather proof plaque.


Single digit reflective plaque price £15.00
Single digit price £15.00
Two digit reflective plaque price £20.00
Two digit price £20.00
Three digit reflective plaque price £22.00
Three digit price £22.00

Examples of low-cost glow in the dark house numbers  made from vinyl with "High Intensity" luminous properties.

Glow in the dark  house number daytime
Glow house number daytime
Prices for Glow in the dark Digits and Plaque Single £15.Double£20Treble £22
Glow Plaque+ Digits Single £15 Double£20 Treble£22

Glow Plaque  Single £15 Double£20 Treble£22

Glow in the dark house number glowing at night
Glow number glowing at night

These house numbers are easy to fit to a door or wall, very effective and recommended  by the emergency services, buy now to ensure your home number is visible day and night.

In an Emergency every second counts Reflective and Glow in the dark house numbers ensure your house number is highly visible day and  night. Our reflective or glow in the dark house numbers help Taxis, Couriers, Visitors, Doctors, Postmen and Most importantly....... the Emergency services find your home with minimum delay.

Ask yourself these questions.

from the Dorset police campaign


  1. “Is my property readily identifiable?”
  2. “Could a member of the emergency services find my property quickly in the dark?”
  3. “Is my house number easy to read from the road?"


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Order your  house number today delivered within 3 days!

  1. Simply select the amount of digits from the drop down list.
  2. Enter your house number + letter A, B or C 
  3. Click Buy Now.
  4. If you want  to order more than one plaque, change the amount at this stage.

Glow in the dark

house numbers

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All plaques are pre-drilled complete with screws and raw-plugs for easy fitting.

100% satisfaction or a full refund.